Our culture values and generates fake perception the most, but it is also the most worthless asset we have ever made.

How others perceive us is the greatest accomplishment according to our culture. We, ourselves, emphasize this idolized image every time we form something in our careers, the goals we set, and the actions we perform.

Our current relationship with celebritism acknowledgement, shame, adoration, and especially guilt propels the mindset that…

When it is time to generate (create) something, our system initiates a “download.”

Downloads are how we transfer data from our idea state (timeless) into our physicalness (timebound). There are various ways a download can occur. A mutual touchpoint for most of them is that, afterward, the generator (creator) has a better understanding of what must be actioned.

These updates allow us to…

Materials. When we generate (create) an idea, we format materials into the shape we seek. This format can be tangible or intangible.

In this observation, I will discuss how personal oscillation (vibration) and our level of resonance frequency sets the foundation for our material understanding.

Actions & Energy Are Key when Generating

To generate an idea into physicalness, we must have a “glue” of some sort to work with, a system that allows all the building blocks to group…

Our Desire to experience and improve our outcomes is often the major drive behind our inventions and discoveries.

This “want” to satisfy our many senses also influences the progression of our culture’s material ages.

We already have plenty of new materials available to us today that we do not use, materials we either do not know about or ignore because of the level of our personal oscillation.


Everything oscillates and everything strives to build physicalness through resonance, including elements, materials and us.

Resonance frequencies — they are essential to our generations (creations) and the clean definition of “the law of attraction.”

As generators (creators), we strive to live in our most optimal resonance frequency. Only in this state can we use the energetic framework that naturally surrounds us 24/7. …

We use the words “vibrations” and “vibes” a lot but seldom get that these are real and an essential part of creativity.

Oscillations are essential to the reality we live in. They impact our generative process (creative process), our abilities, and skills in addition to our life existence.

In this first part, I will walk you through a light introduction to what oscillations and vibrations are and why “kind of” understanding them…

Mastery is not only for a handful of people — it’s available to everyone

Our culture progresses when we encourage people to explore their unique untapped potentials, accessing their inner capacity to blossom under the right conditions. Unfortunately, the traditional view of mastery limits our possibilities. There’s a new form of mastery that our cultural awareness is opening up to that we all can…

Energy moves in the path we focus, not in the opposite direction of where we tell it to go.

We tend to get the most entangled with the things we want the least. When we push against something, we often energetically produce more suction towards it. This may seem upside down, but, when we take a look at how energy works — it actually makes a lot of sense.

Focus In The Accurate Direction… Not The Opposite

When we understand editing, we hone part of our super power and access a strong energetic dormant potential.

Editing is a skill that we all possess. We use this ability in all aspects of life — not only in art, music, and design — but also in conversation, the way we dress, when we drive, buy groceries, make trades, formulate skincare products, code and countless other instances.


Each time we speak, act, or generate even the shortest relationship, we log into the word’s backend and download its related concepts.

Love is something that we have innately within us. Despite this, we get confused about what it actually is. There have been many attempts in our culture to define what “true love” feels like, how much our heart should palpitate, and how dizzy we should feel in a romantic encounter…

Kissey Asplund

Artist and maker of creative wellness website Generation Watts (https://generationwatts.com). My main passion is to generate ideas into physical form.

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