Psychological Imprisonment vs Psychological Empowerment — Bye Bye Fake Perception!

Our culture values and generates fake perception the most, but it is also the most worthless asset we have ever made.

Fake Perception Doesn’t Fly When Generating (Creating)

As generators (creators), we must let go of the attachment of how others perceive us and how we perceive them.

What’s the Clean Definition of Judgement?

The clean definition of judgement is that we remain in balance while we observe the current moment. Once this observation is in place, we mechanically measure this energy toward others in our surroundings to verify our understanding.

The Glossy Cover of Perception

Because we do not understand our internal judgement system, we sustain a make-believe system instead, all in order to calm our senses and desensitize ourselves from our fear. Fear, in this case, is an alarm that sets off when we are not centered, and we misinterpret this signal often. The alert is signaling, “Something is out of place, look at it!”

Why You Shouldn’t Care About Fake Perception or How You’re Perceived by Others

The main reason we must learn how to accomplish real perception is because the fear and guilt that has driven most of our culture is demolishing us. Instead of encouraging a state of expansion and self-exploration, we keep reiterating, “I must fit in with the culture no matter what.”

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